CORPUS: The Case of Justin Wolfe

February 25th, 2011 magic happened. People partied, celebrated, and danced.

February 25th Dance4Liberation put on a KILLER fashion show. Although people came to watch glam and mingle with the beautiful people, the real reason we all gathered that night was support Jeff Reynold's beautiful vision of a not-for-profit documentary to show the world the story of Justin Wolfe.

First of all, thank you Jeff Reynolds for your desire and determination for this project and letting us help you raise the money needed to make this happen. We can't wait for the final result and wish you all the luck on the road to success with support from the documentary in the Justin Wolfe case but also as a famous and VERY sought out director one day in the near future.

So, I hope all you beautiful people I mentioned before knew the good you were doing by coming to the fashion show but those of you that didn't make it...
CORPUS: The Case of Justin Wolfe is a documentary being made on the trial and appeals of death row inmate Justin Wolfe. I sat down with Jeff and picked his brain a little on the film...

Justin Wolfe is a tragic tale of our capital punishment system gone awry.
In short, Justin Wolfe was sentenced to lethal injection after being convicted for conspiracy to commit murder of Danny Petrole over drug related circumstances. The basis of his whole trial that led to the eventual sentence was a testimony by Owen Barber who was convicted for killing the Manassas, VA drug dealer, Danny Petrole. In a plea agreement, Owen Barber testified against Justin Wolfe who maintained his innocence. He claimed Wolfe hired him to murder Petrole.

Owen Barber received 38 years in prison while Justin Wolfe now sits on death row. Since the trial, Barber signed a statement saying his testimony in court was false. Justin Wolfe still sits on death row. It took the jury only a little over an hour to sentence him as guilty and then only five hours to sentence Wolfe to death. Why?

The documentary will take a close look at the death penalty. Looking not only at the innocence of Justin Wolfe but also at the reason the court that day sentenced the young man to death with just the evidence given. PLEASE take a look further into the case on your own but I will also leave you with a link to the documentary site as well as a site dissecting his trial and appeal. There are plenty of ways to help and donate through the DOCUMENTARY SITE and active ways to contact the news media and participate in the Justin Wolfe's writing campaign HERE.

So, why was Jeff Reynolds so interested in the project? He has been working with film for awhile but after working at a VA law office become interested with Virginia's capital punishment system. He has already directed a film that showcases the VA capital punishment system that is an intriguing story as well as incredibly directed. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the screening of the film even though I was supposed to be watching the door the whole time. I am pretty sure I caught everyone that walked in during the film but don't tell on me if I didn't...

He hopes the film does not come off as telling people what to think or what was right or wrong but rather to think about it themselves. He wants to spark inspiration in people to question what is handed to them. For some reason that jury raised their hand to send Justin Wolfe to his death. Why? Why was it so easy for them to write off a life as not worth living in five hours with so little evidence?

So, think about it. Why take something for what it is? Think about the reality of the death penalty. Think about our governments power and what they can say on our behalf. Think about how final a decision like that is... and not only in the case of death penalty and our judicial system but always think for yourself and never be afraid to go against the grain if it feels right to you. Just think guys, come onnn. I know you got it in ya.

Thank you again for everyone involved!!! Thank you Jeff Reynold for doing something amazing for someone and getting people to be involved in something bigger than themselves.. bigger than Justin Wolfe even. THANK YOU for everyone's support that came out.

Now, everyone watch the TRAILER ... and remember to DONATE to a great cause if it moves you to do so.

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