About the Staff

Aileen Haugh
Aileen lives life to the fullest with energy, love and a positive attitude. She searches for inspiration through  music, fashion, traveling, visual and performing arts. She stands strong in her beliefs and advocates women, animal, LGBT, and minority rights. Through Dance 4 Liberation, Aileen has found a way to build a bridge between philanthropy and celebrating artists of all kinds.
Annie Segrest 

With a big heart and a love for life, Annie creates and lives in poetry and speaks in love. Her passion for care pushes her to reach out to everyone with an open mind and heart. She creates art with pens, typewriters, and cameras; putting her unique touch into each and every aspect. 

Laine O'Connor

Laine is an exuberant individual who relishes music, film, literature, art, and conversation. Her playfulness allows her to find humor among life’s absurdities. She seeks adventure in each new experience. She hopes one day, that she and her faithful counterpart, a chubby, bug-eyed pug, will conquer the world.

Ashley Jane Sargent 
"We are the music makers and WE are the dreamers of dreams"

                                            Megan Piorko
Megan Piorko loves all aspects of art in all forms. She loves figuring out what makes artists tick, and if she could interview any artist in time it would be Vincent Van Gogh. She is also passionate about human and animal rights, and enjoys being able to devote her free time to supporting these causes through D4L. 

           Mackenzie Cope
Mackenzie loves music but prefers it live. She lives for her family and friends and would die for her dog.  She can never make up her mind but stands strong on her beliefs.  She has no idea what tomorrow will bring and no problem not knowing. She will be happy as long as she can make others smile and wants to devote her life to doing just that.