About Our Causes

November 5th 2009, D4L raised money for Friendship Bridge in Guatemala. This non-profit micro-lends money to women in Guatemala and educates them on women's rights. Learn more about this fabulous cause.


LINC is a non-profit located in Wilmington, NC that focuses on helping restore ex-prisoner's lives. LINC stands for Leading into New Communities. Ex-prisoners go to LINC for help as they start their new responsible lives. D4L put on a fashion show at the Soapbox, downtown Wilmington to raise money for LINC.


The Interfaith Refugee Ministry helps restore the lives of refugees around North Carolina. They help save those who have fled from war or famine. D4L worked with Mixgrotto to put together one huge event, with several bands that performed at Level 5, downtown Wilmington.


UNCW ECO is an amazing organization run by a group of hardworking environmental activists. The students  do their best to educate the community about the importance of taking care of the environment. They are currently fighting against Titan, a cement company that is trying to come to Wilmington, and would build the fourth largest cement company in the country on pristine wetlands. Read more though this link. D4L put on a event at the Calico Room for ECO. The event had live body painting, as well as several bands and auctioning of local jewelry.