Call for Fashion Designers and Boutiques in Triangle Area for Fashion Show

HEY Triangle Area: Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill,

Dance 4 Liberation is taking a break from Wilmington and heading your way. I know, too good to be true. So, gather your friends and gather your foes and spread the word that we are looking for local talented and creative clothing designers and unique boutiques for our first out of town fashion show! Show us what the fashion scene in Raleigh has to offer us!

In TWO months we will shower the people of Raleigh with glamor and great times with a big, fantastic fashion show! We are asking for any boutique or local fashion designer interested in participating to let us know and send us some pictures/ website that showcase your talent.

D4L's staff, as usual, will handle the organizing of the event in full, advertising and promoting the event and your beautiful designs or boutique. Our past shows in the Wilmington area have helped designers increase their sales and promoted their brand immensely.

We just ask that if you decide to commit, please stay in great communication with us and have the number of looks you will have locked down 3 weeks before the show. You will also need to be prepared for a dress rehearsal a few days before the show. D4L will handle the casting call for the models, which we ask you to attend in order to choose the models you will use.
The event is non-profit and will be supporting a local cause which will be revealed very soon.

For more information on what Dance 4 Liberation is look around the website and find us on facebook at:

...and to join the Facebook group ATTEND here :

Please contact us at dance4liberation@gmail.com or contact Aileen Haugh and Laine O’Connor via facebook.
If you are outside of the Raleigh area and still would like to participate still feel free to contact us!

Spread the word ladies and gentlemen, Dance4Liberation is coming to a town near you.

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