Featured Designer: Minela Subasic

I love this girl. I've know her for a few years casually and then we shared an epic concert experience this past Halloween and I can't get over her. Besides her charm, undeniably good looks and sweet and upbeat disposition, I've noticed one thing about her above all else...the girl is OBSESSED with animal print.

The first time I really hung out with her was in Asheville for Moogfest and she rocked a cheetah costume for Halloween. I thought it was a costume but apparently it's a way of life. I ran into her quite often after the concert around Wilmington and every time I spotted spots. A fabulous faux fur leopard jacket, a tight cheetah print mini dress, a chic shirt spotted with jaguar print... I started to get the picture. And Minela cleared it all up for me when I sat down with her last night at the CORPUS: A Fashion Show dress rehearsal. She is, after all, undeniably obsessed with animal print. Right on! I'm all for it just so it's faux fur, which she says all her designs from Minela Exotics are 100% cruelty free and celebrate the beauty and luxury that comes from wearing animal print while recognizing and respecting animal rights.

Minela got into designing because she is TINY; she was fed up with not finding fashions in her size. They were either non-existent or sold out at places like Forever 21. So, she took charge and made her own clothes... inventive. She has been designing for about 7 months and hopes to some day see her clothes hanging in a store but for now she is focusing on PA school and designing for a hobby.. and so she has something to wear. Actually, she was wearing a skirt she had designed while I was interviewing her. She says she makes the majority of her wardrobe. It's like second nature by now, a piece of cake, she says. Minela even offered to whip me something up for the show THIS FRIDAY AT SPUTNIK 8PM, there is her sweet disposition showing!

Her line is focused on celebrating and embracing the beauty of a womans body. Curves, lines, bumps and all. "Have fun with it!" she says. Don't conform. She took the initiative to just make her own wardrobe when she wasn't happy with what the stores were coming out with and came out with a fresh line that is sexy, fun and wearable on the runway and off. I'll take that skirt please, hell, I bet I look fierce in cheetah.


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