Featured Designer: Mckenna

I phoned Mckenna to chat about CORPUS: A fashion show, THIS FRIDAY AT SPUTNIK 8PM, TICKETS ON SALE AT EDGE OF URGE $5, and her collection from the line Doll Face Deconstruction.

I chatted with her on the tele but I got to meet her last night as well and she is adorable! Her collection, Super Fly, is far from "adorable" though. The pieces are rugged but still beautiful. Not a piece to be thrown on and have blend into the outfit, the pieces are bold and speak for themselves. They are unique and catching. Not "Oh, that is just adorabbbbllleee!" No, more like a piece of artwork.

I'm gonna start by telling you HOW she came up with the name Super Fly for the collection besides the fact that the pieces are just that, super fly. She has been making jewelery since she was old enough to climb on to her dads work bench and steal his fishing wire from his tackle box to string beads on. She dropped the wire and moved to some heady hemp. A little longer down the road a good friend asked her to make him something. She was not versed in dudes jewelry but this kid was a good friend and he was "super fly". So she dropped the hemp (or whatever she had moved on to at that point) and picked up zippers. Get it, pun on words? Super Fly, fly on your pants, zippers...

And Super Fly was born! Badass!!!

Mckenna mixes the zippers with old vintage jewelery she finds at her favorite vintage store, Just Like New (I'm a regular there as well, see ya by the jewelry bin!) or pieces donated by friends who can't stand to see a beloved broken gold necklace be discarded. She breaks them down and zips em up.
The cool thing about these pieces is that some of the necklaces can be transformed into a headband or broaches for clips. So you never have to take it off, just slip it onto your favorite sweater or over your messy up-do!

Favorite quote?
“every act of construction is first an act of destruction” –A slightly altered Picasso quote she changed to flow with her designs. Her pieces can be found at Rockin' Roller salon where she also does hair, a Jack of all trades I guess? SEE YOU FRIDAY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Be prepared to get blown away by local talent.

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