PAW JAM 2011

Dance4Liberation likes to bring light to extraordinary causes and commendable non-profits. There is one coming right to Wilmington that I have supported whole heartedly for the past few years I have lived in Wilmington, NC. I love animals and I ADORE dogs but am OBSESSED with the people who save dogs, cats or any animal that is in need of a loving home or some food. So, I will educate you wonderful, big hearted folks about it.

is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to "raise funding and awareness for no-kill, non-profit, animal rescue organizations in Southeastern North Carolina through the education and empowerment of the people" according to their mission. Their mission is an important one. Let me try end educate you on why...

According to the NC Department of Health and Human Services 225,746 animals were put down by shelters across North Carolina in 2006. No matter what bread or age dog or cat you are looking to make a member of your family their is a doggy, kitty or puppy that matches your desires waiting patiently for a home and someone to love them. FIND THEM. Instead of buying from a breeder; do your research and find one that needs a home... they will repay you for it with love and attention.

Paw Prints Magazine keeps a list of local shelters and organizations that helps the helpless find loving families. Check it out. You may find your match.
The American Kennel Club helps you find your breed specific match near your area.

Check out their website for education on Spay and Neutering your little guy or girl, saying NO to puppy mills and why, summer heat and safety for the fuzzy friend and heart worm prevention. Just go here for all the information.

Now your thinking, WOW, this organization sounds great but HOW can little old me help out?
Well, do you like sun and being outdoors?
Do you like live music?
Do you like great food and beer?
Do you like shopping?
Do you like hundreds of adorable animals all in one place?

Then come and take your furry friend, steal a friends furry friend or just bring a friend/friend and come to
PAW JAM 2011
May 7th
11am- 5pm
at Battleship Park!!!!

There will be live music, tons of great people and pets, food, beer, gifts and treats and events for the four legged friends!!! Donate here. Buy your tickets at the door!!! I look forward to meeting you and I am sure Bella Marie will be ecstatic to sniff the butt of your dog, or your cat or you. Look for her. She will be the black badass rocking a mowhawk and a hemp necklace... (yeah thats my baby girl at the top and her big sister Layla below her, I knoww, I know.. adorable)

Thanks for being such great people.
xoxo D4L

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